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Welcome to the website where you can get professional advice about solar panels for free. Our goal is to inform you as best and as clear as possible. We do this in cooperation with manufacturers, distributors and skilled installaters.

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On tailormadesolar.co.uk you can find all information about the best sold brands in England and the installers who install them. You can click on the brand of your choice at the top of this page for further information. Make sure to look at the following points of attention:

  • Are you going for the lowest price or the highest efficiency and certainty at the long term?
  • Large differences in prices? Let us check the quote!
  • Ask about the revenues during the lifespan of the solar panels.
  • How about the warranty if the installer or manufacturer goes bankrupt?

Buying solar panels at the same time as other residents in your area may enable the installation firm to provide enhanced efficiency. Everyone will benefit.

On request, tailormadesolar.co.uk can organise an information evening at your place or nearby. Mail your request to [email protected] and we well contact you shortly.

We will only be satisfied when you are. Despite our efforts and analyses you may find that this site does not answer all your questions or that the information provided is not complete.

If you have any comments or criticism, please contact us at [email protected]


  • How many panels would make sense on my building?
  • How many kWh can I generate on my roof?
  • How much money can I save on my energy bill?


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