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How many kWh can I generate on my roof?

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What does a solar panel system look like?
A solar panel system consists of solar panels, an inverter, a mountingsystem and cables. Solar panels catch sunlight and the energy of it is transferred into direct current. The panels are connected to an inverter that transfers the direct current into alternating current, which is useable for the electricity network. The electricity network takes your electricity when you produce more than you use and complements your demands if you produce less than you need.

What is a solar panel?
Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells that are made of silicon. Silicon consists of two layers. Electrical current is going through the two layers due to the influence of the light.

What is an inverter?
An inverter is an electrical device that transfers the direct current of solar panels into alternating current, which is useable for the electricity network.

What is Watts peak (Wp)?
Watts peak is the standardised power of a solar panel. 

Do I need accumulators?
There are two types of systems. A system with accumulators in which generated power will be stored and a system in which generated power will be transferred into 230V alternating current.  Almost all solar panels placed on domestic propeties are grid-connected, these do not need accumulators.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?
The ideal slope for solar panels is between the 30° and 36°. A roof that is faced to the East and West is usual for a solar panel system. The most optimal option is a roof that is faced to the South. Also, the roof has to be free of shadow as much as possible.

Is my roof, looking at the weight of the installation, suitable for solar panels?
Solar panels can be placed on every roof, whether it is flat or slanted. The roof construction has to be strong enough to carry the solar panels system. The total roof load on a slanted roof is about 20 kg/m². This is 30 kg/m² for a flat roof. Your installer can cehck your roof construction.

Do I need a permission to place solar panels on my roof?
Solar panels can be placed on every type of house. It is necessary that you are the owner of the house. You need the permission of the owner if you are renting the house. Whether or not you need a permission depends on the city or county you live in. You can inform at your town hall.

How many solar panels fit on my flat roof?
Solar panels need an average surface of 1,6 m². The panels will be placed slightly sloped on a flat roof and therefore need more space to prevent that they cause shadow on each other.

Are there adaptations needed on my home or my electrical installation?
The installation of solar panels usually has consequences for your meter cupboard. A free group is necessary if your solar panels have a capacity over 600 Wp (around 3 panels). Your installer will tell you beforehand if any adaptations are necessary.

Why does the inverter needs to be set as close to the solar panels as possible?
The shorter the distance between the inverte rand the solar panels, the lower the loss of voltage (and thus a higher efficiency of your system).

How much is my electricity consumption?
The amount of electricity you use depends on the size of your household. An average household uses 3.340 kWh. You can use the table below to get an idea about your average consumption.

 Number of people in household








per household

Average use in kWh per year








Source: www.nibud.nl

How many solar panels do I need to generate as much as I need?
A solar panel of 250 Wp generates 223 kWh a year on average. If your consumption is 3400 kWh a year, a system of 15 solar panels would be enough.

Does England have enough sunlight and do I generate electric current when the sun is not shining?
The efficiency of the solar panels is defined by the amount of light, not only sunlight. Therefore, your installation will generate electric current even when it is cloudy.

Does a solar panel system need maintenance?
Solar panel systems do not need a lot of mainentance. Just like windows, solar panels will get dirty. Rain will make sure that birdpoop, leafs and other dirt will come off the panels. Contact your installer if you want tob e  more informed about the maintenance of your installation.

Do I have to insure my solar panel installation seperately?
This is not mandatory. A lot of insurance companies include solar panel systems in their home insurance. Inform with your insurance company about this subject.

Feed-In Tariff
The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) is a government scheme that rewards you for generating your own electricity. The first part of the FIT is that you receive money for every kWh that you generate, whether you use it or not. Secondly, you receive money for the kWhs that you deemed to have sent back to the grid. The government assumes that you export half of your generated electricity, thus you get rewarded for 50% of your generated electricity.