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During the last fifty years, Sharp has made significant contributions to groundbreaking progress in the PV-industry. Sharp is one of the companies with the longest experience in solar technology in the market. Their PV modules are specifically designed for applications with high power requirements. The modules produce a continuous, reliable yield, even under demanding operational conditions. In all its PV cells, Sharp not only uses textured surface treatments to reduce sunlight reflection, but also a Back Surface Field (BSF) structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.


As solar modules may be used in harsh natural environments, they must be made to withstand various loads brought on by natural phenomena such as gale-force winds and heavy snowfall.

For this reason, we conduct a Mechanical Load Test while assessing the durability of our solar modules.
The Japan Meteorological Agency classifies gale-force winds as those that exceed 30 m/sec and that are strong enough to blow off rooftops and damage wooden houses*1. In this test, we subject our solar modules to even more severe conditions of 2,400 Pa (pascals) or 244.7 kg/m2*2—a load equivalent to that generated by a wind of 63 m/sec. During the test, the module is alternately pressed down under a simulated load for about one hour and then pushed up for the same duration. This procedure is repeated three times. As buffeting from below by strong winds is a common occurrence, modules must be made strong enough to withstand it.
Although it is not required by the IEC standard, Sharp also conducts a Repeated Wind Pressure Test to ensure that our products can withstand use under extremely harsh environments.
The following video illustrates how challenging these test conditions are. At Sharp, we are working on further improvements in solar module durability to ensure that they remain intact even after significant warping.

Device Used for Wind Pressure Test

Adjust volume as required.
To test the modules for their ability to withstand snowfalls, we conduct a Sliding Snow Load Test and a Mechanical Load Test. When solar modules are installed on an inclined surface, snow can slide down and accumulate at the bottom of each module, with only part of the module holding the weight of the snow. To simulate this phenomenon, we substitute sandbags for snow and let them slide down the module to check its ability to withstand the load. Sharp conducts this test on its own initiative, even though it is not required either by the IEC or the JIS.

Combined Cycle Corrosion Test

When installing solar modules in coastal areas, protecting them from salt damage is a matter of vital importance. The chloride ions contained in sea air can corrode aluminum frames used in solar modules or induce electrochemical corrosion between aluminum frames and their racks, causing cracks or other damage to areas where solar modules are joined. At Sharp, we conduct a Combined Cycle Corrosion Test to assess the ability of solar modules to withstand such risks.

In this test, a combined cycle corrosion test machine is used to accelerate corrosion by repeatedly spraying salt water on the modules, drying them, and then dampening them, while we monitor the effects of salt on the solar modules and their peripheral equipment. The water sprayed on solar modules has a salt level of 5%, which is higher than the average salt concentration of normal seawater (3.5%).

When it comes to the temperature of the salt water, the humidity inside the machine, and the duration of the test, Sharp adopts in-house standards that are more stringent than the different standards advocated by IEC and JIS.

Brand Sharp Sharp Sharp
Power (Wp) 240 245 245
Type Sharp ND 240Wp poly-Si (A2) Sharp ND 245Wp poly-Si (A5) Sharp ND-R245A6 245Wp poly-Si
Length 1652 1652 1652
Width 994 994 994
Thickness 46 46 46
Weigth 19 19 19
Efficiency 14,6 14,9 14,9
Discrepant power -2 +/-3 +/-3
Product warranty 10 years 10 years 10 years
Power warranty 90% for 10 yrs, 80% for 25 yrs 90% for 10 yrs, 80% for 25 yrs 25 year linear power warranty
Brand Sharp Sharp  
Power (Wp) 250 250  
Type Sharp ND 250Wp poly-Si (A5) Sharp NU-R250Wp mono-Si (J5)  
Length 1652 1652  
Width 994 994  
Thickness 46 46  
Weight 19 19  
Efficiency 15,2 15,2  
Discrepant warranty +/-3 -2  
Product warranty 10 years 5 years  
Power warranty 90% for 10 yrs, 80% for 25 yrs 90% for 10 yrs, 80% for 25 yrs  


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Solar panels Sharp

Sharp NA-E120G5 Sharp NA-E120G5

Power: 120 Wp
Efficiency: 8.50%
Size (mm): 1409x1009x46
Optimizer geïntegreerd: nee

Sharp NA-F121GJ Sharp NA-F121GJ

Power: 120 Wp
Efficiency: 8.50%
Size (mm): 1409x1009x46
Optimizer geïntegreerd: nee

Sharp NA-E125G5 Sharp NA-E125G5

Power: 125 Wp
Efficiency: 8.50%
Size (mm): 1409x1009x46
Optimizer geïntegreerd: nee

Sharp ND-R250A5 Sharp ND-R250A5

Power: 250 Wp
Efficiency: 15.20%
Size (mm): 1652x994x46
Optimizer geïntegreerd: nee

Sharp NU-R250J5 Sharp NU-R250J5

Power: 250 Wp
Efficiency: 15.20%
Size (mm): 1652x994x46
Optimizer geïntegreerd: nee