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SANYO started the development of amorphous silicon solar cells in 1975, over 37 years ago. Since then, thanks to our constant efforts in Research and Development, many innovative products were developed and commercialized. We have achieved best quality and reliability levels through long experience and continuous improvement because our modules are designed to last for decades. SANYO became a full subsidiary of the Panasonic Group in 2011 and adopted the Panasonic brand name in 2012.


Power (Wp)235240
TypePanasonic VBH-N235SE51-BLK Wp black mono/a-SiPanasonic VBH-N240Wp mono/a-Si
Discrepant power-2-2

Why Panasonic?

Why you can rely on our Panasonic HIT Photovoltaic Modules:

  • HIT Modules are highly efficient and produce more power per square meter than traditional products. This means that you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance.
  • HIT Modules provide many years of reliable operation.
  • HIT Modules are based on decades of experience and reference systems worldwide.

HIT is a registered trademark of the Panasonic Group.

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Solar panels Panasonic

VBH-N235Wp mono VBH-N235Wp mono

Power: 235 Wp
Efficiency: 18.60%
Size (mm): 1580x798x35
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VBH-N240Wp mono VBH-N240Wp mono

Power: 240 Wp
Efficiency: 19.00%
Size (mm): 1580x798x35
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