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Solar panels Panasonic VBH-N240Wp mono

VBH-N240Wp mono

Panasonic’s N model, is among the most efficient PV panels in the world, reaching efficiencies as high as 19%. As its HIT family members, this model uses relatively less material and has a higher output due to high grade materials used. The combination of mono-crystalline and thin film technology makes the modules able to maintain their high efficiency in high temperature conditions and maximize the space usage. Compared with the standard HIT modules, the N series sees an improvement in the cell efficiency, a new tab design and anti-reflection glass to harness more indirect and diffuse light. These features contribute to unique performance results.

Detail VBH-N240Wp mono

    Power Cel type Size (mm) Efficiency
VBH-N240Wp mono VBH-N240Wp mono 240 Wp monokristallijn 1580x798x35 19.00%

Warranty and discrepancies VBH-N240Wp mono

Product warranty Power warranty 90% Power warranty 80% Discrepant power
10 years 10 years 25 years 0% till 5%

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