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Stealth Energy solar panels

Infinity Innovations Ltd. developed the Stealth Energy PV System as a good solution to use sustainable energy. The system finds a great balance between benefiting of solar energy and make the panels look appealing at the same time. The Stealth Energy system has frameless solar panels, can be in-roof or at least flush with the roof and are black in color. This makes them almost invisible. However, the efficiency is the same compared to other solar panel systems.

Features Stealth:

  • Almost invisible on the roof.
  • High efficiency.
  • Good performance under low light conditions.
  • Product warrranty of 10 years.
  • Linear power warranty of 25 years.

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Stealth Energy solar panels

Stealth Energy XT50-12 Stealth Energy XT50-12

Power: 115 Wp
Efficiency: 19.00%
Size (mm): 1020x408x5
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