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Sunpower solar panels

SunPower is a global leader in the solar industry since 1985. The company keeps innovating on the efficiency and performance of their solar power systems. Their SunPower Maxeon cell technology delivers the highest effciency of all solar panels available. The power of their solar panels is 44% higher than the power of similar conventional panels. A reason for this is that the SunPower solar panels capture more light compared to other solar panels. This is because the surface does not have any metal gridlines, the best silicon is used, more electrical current is conducted by the wider metal contacts, and the cells contain backside mirrors that reflect more light. In short, SunPower deliver solar panels with high quality and high efficiency. Read more about the SunPower Maxeon cell technology here.

Feaures SunPower:

  • High quality solar panels.
  • Certified solar panels.
  • Easy to monitor your installation.
  • Product warranty of 25 years.

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Sunpower solar panels

Sunpower E20 SPR-327NE-WHT-D solar panel Sunpower E20 SPR-327NE-WHT-D solar panel

Power: 327 Wp
Efficiency: 20.10%
Size (mm): 1559x1046x46
Optimizer geïntegreerd: nee

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